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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                        (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)
For Immediate Release                                     August 14, 1996     
                        REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                              TO THE POOL
                            Bar B Bar Ranch
                         Jackson Hole, Wyoming                 

THE PRESIDENT: -- (in progress) -- basically my philosophy about where I think America is and where I think we ought to go.

Q Would you describe it as a manifesto for the next administration if you get reelected?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it's not an exclusive list of all the things I intend to do, but it makes the argument about why I think the direction we're going is right, why we're better off than we were, and what I hope we'll do. And it's just something I've been wanting to say. I finished it the first two days we got here, and I hope the people who read it will find it helpful. I was glad to do it.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Q Have you been getting enough relaxation? Are you feeling rested, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: More rested now. The first two days I worked real hard trying to finish the book, and, you know, a lot of things happened the last two months which kind of got me behind deadlines. So I worked pretty hard on that. But yesterday I got to play a little golf, and of course, we had that wonderful hike the day before.

Q When did you decide to write the book, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: About a year ago.

VOICE: Guys, move to the right, move a step to the right.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I don't want anybody to get hurt here.

Q Is Senator Dole in the book, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: It's basically a book about the country.

Q Do you care to comment at all about the choice of Jack Kemp for the Republican vice presidential nomination?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I'm going to leave them alone, let them have their convention. I like Al Gore -- that's my comment. (Laughter.) The best Vice President in history.

Q What can you say about the train ride you're going to take to the convention, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I'm excited about it. We're trying to -- I think they probably finalized all the routes now, and I love trains, so I'm excited about it. I didn't know -- the main thing I was concerned about is if we did it I just didn't want to inconvenience people because of the security and everything. And I think we've got it -- I've got a route now where, apparently, there will be a minimum of dislocation.

Q You love trains, but do you love horses?

THE PRESIDENT: I love horses.

Q What's the horse's name?

THE PRESIDENT: Wink. This is Wink, and that's Patches.

Q You look like you've lost some weight. Have you dropped a few pounds?

THE PRESIDENT: A little bit I think. I'm almost -- I dropped 15 or 20 pounds I guess since -- in the last year or so. Got to be in shape, you know. This is a rigorous endeavor.

Q I found that out the other day. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that was tough. I was very sore yesterday. I don't know if you were, but I was pretty sore.

Q I still am, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: I found out when I was on that golf course that my rhythm wasn't quite there anymore. (Laughter.) Whew, it was bad after a while. (Laughter.)

Q Have fun.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. I'm glad to see -- how are you feeling.

Q I'm good, Mr. President. Little sore. Hope you're having a good time.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I really didn't -- when I took you all off on that wild goose chase I didn't know it was going to be quite as demanding as it was. But I'm glad we did it.

Q Well, I'm just not in shape. It's my fault.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, now, it takes a few days to get adjusted to the atmosphere, you know, once you're -- the higher altitude.

Q Well, we carry a little bit of stuff.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, and I see -- we weren't carrying all that. I don't know how you all did that. Somebody made it all through with a huge camera.

Q Hank Brown, ABC.

THE PRESIDENT: We ought to give him some kind of medal, he's in great shape. (Laughter.)

Marlene, how are you doing?

MS. MACDONALD: I'm good. How are you? You look great.

THE PRESIDENT: I'm doing great.

Q That's a great hat.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I've had this old hat a long time. And my old boots.

Q Is it a Stetson?

THE PRESIDENT: I got these boots about, oh, eight years ago -- seven, eight years ago, in Salem, Arkansas, Fulton County. I went out to help them -- it was a little town of 1,000 people and they got one of our economic development airport grants. And they gave me these boots.

Q What are they made of, sir?


Q Are you relaxed?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I love it here. I love it here. I love it. I'm glad we got out for a ride.

Q I'm glad we got a picture. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, yes. I was sort of derelict today, I decided I'd sleep in and kind of laze around. So we've just been fooling around at home.

Good to see you.