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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release August 6, 1996


President Clinton met today with the Prime Minister of Sweden, Goran Persson. The two leaders affirmed the excellent relations that exist between the United States and Sweden.

The President said the United States welcomed Sweden's active participation in European affairs, including its activities as a member of the European Union and its important role in the Partnership for Peace. The President said the U.S. looked forward to working closely with Sweden in meeting the challenges of post-Cold War Europe. The President expressed particular appreciation for Sweden's participation in IFOR in the U.S. sector in Bosnia.

The President and the Prime Minister had a detailed discussion of the integration of the Baltic states into the Western democratic community. The President reaffirmed the strong interest of the United States in the sovereignty, independence and security of the Baltic states and congratulated Prime Minister Persson for the key role that Sweden is playing in helping to integrate the Baltic states fully into Europe.

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