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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 26, 1996


Senate Passes NATO Enlargement Amendment

The Administration welcomes the Senate's strong, bipartisan support for the enlargement of NATO, demonstrated by its passage of the NATO Enlargement Amendment on July 25 by 81-16. Both Houses of Congress now have shown that they share President Clinton's determination to bring Europe's new democracies into the Western community and its key institutions.

NATO enlargement, launched in January 1994 through President Clinton's leadership, will increase American security by overcoming the division of the continent -- bringing into the institutions of the Transatlantic community Europe's new democracies which share our values and are willing to help shoulder their part of our common responsibilities.

NATO will enlarge in an open and deliberate manner, increasing the security of NATO's current members, new members and non-members alike; as the President has said, NATO's first new members should not be the last. Because of the importance of Russia's role in shaping a stable, secure and undivided Europe, we intend to develop a strong NATO-Russia partnership, even as NATO evolves and brings in new members.

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