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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 16, 1996


What is Title III

The President's Decision

The President decided to allow Title III to come into force. To use the leverage of Title III in the most effective manner, he also decided to suspend the right to file lawsuits for a period of six months. The President has determined this suspension is necessary to the national interests and will expedite a transition to democracy in Cuba.

Allowing Title III to come into force:

Suspending the right to bring causes of action:

Putting pressure on the regime to respect human rights and provide the Cuban people with more economic and political freedoms. Pressure and condemnation of Cuba's practices should be exercised both bilaterally and in multilateral settings such as the United Nations.

     Coordinating with us on ways to provide assistance to forces
     of change within Cuba -- human rights groups, dissidents,
     independent journalists -- such as our $500,000 grant to
     Freedom House to assist human rights activists in Cuba is
     one example, but there are many more.  
     Withholding external non-humanitarian assistance and
     preferential trading access until Cuba engages in meaningful
     political and economic reform.  
     Channeling humanitarian assistance to legitimate,
     independent groups in Cuba rather than through/to the Cuban
     Promoting business practices consistent with basic workers'
     rights, as was done with the Sullivan principles in South
     Africa -- the right to organize, to express oneself in the
     workplace, to non-discriminatory hiring practices.
     Countries should place this at the center of their demands,
     and companies operating joint ventures in Cuba should seek
     to implement these practices at the workplace.

Effect of allowing Title III come into force and suspending right to bring causes of action

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