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                   Office of the Press Secretary
                         Washington, D.C.

For Immediate Release July 3, 1996


Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Anthony Lake, will visit the Asia Pacific region July 5-15, stopping in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Seoul and Tokyo.

Mr. Lake's trip to China follows recent decisions on intellectual property rights, nonproliferation and MFN. In Mr. Lake's meetings with senior Chinese leadership, he expects to discuss the strategic interests of both countries in the region and globally, as well as prospects for improved bilateral relations.

In Vietnam, Mr. Lake will review the progress made toward achieving the fullest possible accounting for POW/MIA's, our highest priority in the bilateral relationship. His meetings with Vietnam's senior leadership will provide an opportunity to discuss ways to advance our bilateral diplomatic and economic interests.

Consultations in Thailand, Korea and Japan will focus on security and economic issues.

Mr. Lake will be accompanied by Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Winston Lord, NSC Senior Director for Asian Affairs Sandra J. Kristoff, and other members of the NSC staff.

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