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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 5, 1996


I am pleased to nominate Admiral Jay L. Johnson, U.S. Navy, to be Chief of Naval Operations.

Admiral Johnson currently serves as the Vice Chief of Naval Operations. He brings to the job of Chief of Naval Operations a dynamic vision of the Navy's future, a wealth of operational experience, a decisive leadership style and a deep regard for America's sailors.

During his distinguished career, Admiral Johnson completed two combat cruises in Vietnam and served as the Deputy Commander of Operation RESTORE DEMOCRACY and UPHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti. As Commander SECOND Fleet, he significantly improved the effectiveness of our forces in both multiservice and multinational operations. As Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel, he oversaw the career development of the officer and enlisted community during the challenging post-Cold War drawdown

Admiral Johnson assumes the post of Chief of Naval Operations with the full trust and confidence of the Navy community at a crucial time in its history. I will depend upon him to continue Admiral Mike Boorda's high standards and demanding goals for the Navy. With Admiral Johnson at the helm, I am confident that our Navy will continue to protect and advance our nation's freedom and security.

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