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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 31, 1996


May 30 Election in Northern Ireland

The United States is pleased with the broad participation by the people of Northern Ireland in yesterday's election to select the parties to be represented at the talks that begin June 10. It appears that two thirds of the voters turned out in the rain to cast their ballots, an eloquent statement of their commitment to the peace process.

We congratulate all those who participated in the election. The election campaign aired a broad range of views and offered the people real choices in preparation for the talks that will commence on June 10. Those talks offer an historic opportunity to achieve a lasting settlement to the agonizing conflict that has darkened the lives of a generation.

Yesterday the people of Northern Ireland gave their elected representatives a mandate for peace. The United States will continue to support the peace process and to stand with those who have worked so hard to create this opportunity for a just and lasting peace.

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