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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release May 29, 1996
                     Vice President Gore's Meeting 
             with British Foreign Secretary Malcom Rifkind
     This afternoon the President joined the Vice President's 
     meeting with British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind for a 
     discussion of the Northern Ireland peace process.  

     On Northern Ireland, the President and the Vice President 
     applauded the commitment the British and Irish Governments 
     have shown to the peace process and welcomed the talks that  
     begin on June 10 as an historic opportunity to reach a 
     comprehensive and lasting settlement to the conflict.  They 
     underscored the need for the IRA to restore the cease-fire 
     so that Sinn Fein can participate in the talks.  

     The President and the Vice President expressed their hope 
     that the election in Northern Ireland on May 30 will send a 
     strong message of support for the peace process and for the 
     negotiations that begin June 10.  The President stressed 
     that he remains committed to supporting the peace process 
     and those who are willing to take risks for peace in 
     Northern Ireland.

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