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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 20, 1996


Quick Impact Assistance Package for Bosnia Nears Completion

The "Quick Impact" package of urgent assistance to Bosnia-Herzegovina that President Clinton announced at the Paris signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement three months ago is beginning to show results. Nearly all of the $85.6 million pledged by the President has been awarded and most projects have been successfully completed or are well underway. Further support for civilian implementation of the Bosnian peace agreement is awaiting Congressional approval of urgently needed funds and activities for the region.

The $85.6 million Quick Impact package announced by President Clinton in Paris on December 14, 1995, funds 36 projects relating to humanitarian assistance, urgent reconstruction, and immediate rebuilding of key infrastructure. Of these projects, 15 have been completed and another 15 are either near completion or ongoing as scheduled. Grants are pending and sites are being selected for the balance of the projects.

The Quick Impact package has helped millions of Bosnians through the harsh winter months and the early stages of their country's rehabilitation. Emergency food and clothing have been delivered; home heating and electricity have been restored; emergency building and infrastructure repairs have been carried out; employment-generating activities have begun; and efforts to strengthen the Bosnian Federation and repair the human fabric of local communities have been initiated.

"Only when the people of Bosnia can readily see the results of peace will they come to believe that their investment in peace is worthwhile," said President Clinton. "We must work hard in the early phases of implementation to ensure that all Bosnians see that peace brings immediate and tangible awards. I am gratified to see that the Quick Impact package I announced only three months ago is bearing quick results."

The Quick Impact package is designed to jump-start the recovery process and represents the first part of a longer-term international effort to assist in the reconstruction and recovery of Bosnia. On February 21, the President requested $200 million to fund civilian implementation efforts outlined in the Dayton Peace Accords. This request, which awaits Congressional approval, includes funds for reconstruction, demining, and police monitors and training. Activities funded by the request will focus on areas within the U.S. IFOR sector and Sarajevo.

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