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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 26, 1996


The President has directed his Administration to take the following steps immediately in response to the Cuban Government's blatant violation of international law:

Seek rapid international condemnation of Cuba's actions.

     The European Union today strongly condemned the Cuban 
     The United States will seek United Nations Security Council 
     condemnation and press that sanctions be imposed until Cuba  
     provides compensation to the families of victims and abides 
     by international law.  
       The United States will seek condemnation of Cuba by the   
     International Civil Aviation Organization and other relevant 
     international bodies.

Move promptly to reach agreement with Congress on the pending Helms-Burton Cuba legislation so that it will enhance the effectiveness of the embargo in a way that advances the cause of democracy in that country.

Request the Congress to pass legislation authorizing payment of compensation to the families of victims out of Cuban blocked accounts in New York.

Restrict the movement of Cuban diplomats in the U.S. and tighten criteria for issuing visas to employees of the Cuban government.

Increase support for Radio Marti to overcome jamming by Cuba.

Indefinitely suspend all commercial charter flights to Cuba.

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