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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 17, 1996
                   ON THE OCCASION OF EID AL-FITR

On behalf of all Americans, I want to extend my personal greetings to the entire Muslim community here in the United States and around the world as it celebrates the Eid al-Fitr.

This week marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It is a time for rejoicing and celebration, but it is also a time for reflection and rededication. On this occasion, let us rekindle our commitment to the cause of peace among all the peoples of the Earth. If we are dedicated in our belief and constant in our labor, we can build a better future -- one of cooperation, understanding and compassion, for ourselves and for our children.

Let us also remember the values of family and community, as well as our responsibility for those who are less fortunate -- ideals that lie at the heart of Ramadan. These principles of personal commitment to faith and to society truly are universal values.

So as the new moon ushers in this holy celebration, let me say to all who follow the faith of Islam here in the United States and around the world the traditional greeting: As-Salaamu Alaykum -- may peace be with you, and may God grant you health and prosperity now and in the years ahead.