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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 24, 1996


I welcome the report released today by the international body on decommissioning that was set up by British and Irish Governments as one track of the twin-track approach for moving the Northern Ireland peace process forward. I am proud that the international body was chaired by a distinguished American, Senator George Mitchell. Senator Mitchell and his colleagues, General de Chastelain of Canada and Mr. Holkeri of Finland, have made a significant contribution to the peace process, and I join the British and Irish Governments in expressing gratitude for their service.

The international body's report is based on the submissions it received from relevant and interested parties in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Together with the political track, I believe it will be a valuable tool for the Irish and British Governments as they work to reach the goal of all-party talks.

I encourage all the parties to use the report of the international body to advance the peace process. Its recommendations do not reflect the views of any one party, but the considered judgment of its members, who want only to help the people of Northern Ireland achieve a just and lasting peace. Their recommendations deserve serious and open-minded consideration by all who share that goal.

The United States stands by its commitment to support the efforts of the British and Irish Governments, the political parties and the people of Northern Ireland to create a bright and peaceful future for themselves and their children.

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