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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 10, 1996
                      NATIONAL COUNCIL ON THE ARTS

The President today announced his intent to nominate Luis Valdez to the National Council on the Arts.

Luis Valdez of California is the founder and Artistic Director of El Teatro Campesino, an internationally known theatrical group that has performed throughout the country, Mexico and Europe since it's creation in 1965. He is the founding member of the California Arts Council and has been the recipient of the Governor's Award in 1990 and the Golden Eagle Award in 1994. In addition to his theatrical success, Mr. Valdez wrote and directed "La Bamba" in 1987 and adapted one of his stage plays "Zoot Suit" for PBS. He holds Honorary Doctorate of Arts degrees from San Jose State University, the University of Santa Clara, Columbia College Chicago and the California Institute of Arts.

The National Council on the Arts advises the Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts (who also chairs the Council) on policies, programs and procedures for carrying out the agency's functions, duties and responsibilities; and reviews and makes recommendations to the Chair on applications for grants. The Council also recommends to the President individuals and organizations to receive the National Medal of Arts for outstanding contributions to the arts in America.