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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 3, 1996

     President Clinton today announced his intention to nominate Stuart

E. Eizenstat of Maryland to become Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade. Ambassador Eizenstat currently serves in the Administration as U.S. Representative to the European Union.

"In his work with the European Union, Stuart Eizenstat has been a great asset to United States trade relations. I am confident he will be able to offer an even greater contribution in his new role as Under Secretary of Commerce," the President said.

As chief of the Commerce Department's lead trade unit, Ambassador Eizenstat will oversee programs in four operational units of the International Trade Administration comprising trade policy development, export promotion, investment policy, commercial relations, business advocacy and import laws and agreements.

Prior to joining the Clinton Administration, Ambassador Eizenstat was Vice Chairman of the Washington office of Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy. His extensive experience in government includes policy positions in the Johnson Administration (1967-1968) and in the Carter Administration where he served as Chief Domestic Policy Advisor and Director of the White House Domestic Policy Staff (1977-1981). He was previously a guest scholar at the Brookings Institute and taught on the faculty of the John F. Kennedy School of Government for 10 years. Ambassador Eizenstat has written extensively on a variety of public policy, international, economic and political issues for leading publications. He has won a number of awards for his government, civic and religious activities.

While in his European Union post, Ambassador Eizenstat participated in a variety of trade issues, including the Uruguay Round negotiations and the new U.S.-Euratom Agreement. He also played a key role in conceptualizing and developing the New Transatlantic Agenda and the U.S.-European Union Action Agenda announced by President Clinton in December at the U.S.-European Union Summit. Ambassador Eizenstat will remain as the State Department's Special Envoy for Restitution of Property in Central Europe. In this capacity, he will continue to work with senior officials in Central European and Baltic countries to pursue the restitution of Jewish property and property of U.S. citizens confiscated during the Nazi and Communist eras.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Ambassador Eizenstat is a Phi Beta Kappa and honors graduate of the University of North Carolina and a graduate of Harvard Law School, where he was elected to the Harvard Law School Association. He and his wife Frances Eizenstat are the parents of two sons, Jay and Brian.