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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release December 14, 1995


This report demonstrates that since President Nixon created the EPA in 1970, America's lakes, rivers, and streams have become cleaner and safer. More and more American families are enjoying the benefits of the nation's generation-long bipartisan commitment to clean water and a safe environment.

But now there are some who want to roll back 25 years of environmental progress. They want to balance the budget by unbalancing the environment.

They'd cut EPA's enforcement budget by 25 percent, cut waste water treatment support by 30 percent, and cut funds states use to protect drinking water by 45 percent. The Republican leadership would take the cop off the beat and put the polluters in charge.

America asked for clean government and a clean environment -- but the Republican leadership responded with dirty politics and dirty water. They invited lobbyists for the nation's biggest polluters into the room to rewrite environmental laws.

A majority of America doesn't agree with the GOP dirty water agenda and they know they don't have enough votes to pass this through normal procedures. So now they are resorting to blackmail by threatening to shut the government down midnight Friday if they don't get their way.

President Clinton will not accept a budget so out of touch with American values. Families should be able to enjoy our lakes and rivers. Children should be able to drink water without fear of becoming ill. Today's report shows that we're holding our own, and can't turn back now.