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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 13, 1995

Press Secretary Statement on Arrest of Suspected Terrorist

President Clinton welcomes the arrest and return to the United States of a suspect charged in a conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism against U.S. airlines over the Pacific. This morning, Wali Khan was arraigned in Federal District Court in Manhattan. The United States is determined to bring to justice those who perpetrate terrorism directed at Americans. The President applauds the law enforcement authorities involved for their deft handling of the case. The President said, "once again we have shown that terrorism will not pay."

Last February, the President submitted legislation that will give us the additional legal authority to protect Americans from terrorists and to prevent America from being used as a sanctuary for those who would practice violence against other countries. The Congressional leadership promised that the law would be passed by Memorial Day. We call again for the prompt passage of the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act.