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                         THE WHITE HOUSE
                  Office of the Press Secretary
                    (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

For Immediate Release December 9, 1995

                     Fayetteville, Arkansas

1:10 P.M. CST

Q I'm here with the First Fan. All right, now you're undefeated. Your team is now 33-24. If you had a chance to write out a play, what would you write for Nolan Richards?

THE PRESIDENT: I just think they need a chance to get a better shot. Cincinnati is a great defensive team. Looking at these games they're winning and the teams they're beating at very low scores, and our guys are great athletes. But they're freshmen, they're junior college transfers, they're just learning to play together. They have great potential, but Cincinnati is a great defensive team. We've got to figure out a way to break their defense to get good shots, and then they'll win the game.

Q Are you having much fun doing this? I mean, how often do you get to watch the Razorbacks?

THE PRESIDENT: Wherever they're on television I try to watch them, and then if I'm working at night I try to have somebody film it so I can watch it later. I try to get down here to see a couple of games a year, and then if they get in the NCAA, of course I try to see them a time or two.

Q Well, thank you very much for stopping by with us.

END 1:12 P.M. CST