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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 1, 1995

The President today announced seven individuals who will serve as members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Pursuant to the President's Executive Order, signed on June 15, 1995, the Council will be established at the Department of Health and Human Services. The seven individuals are as follows:

     Stephen N. Abel, D.D.S., M.S., of New York is 
     currently the Director of Dentistry at the 
     Spellman Center for HIV-Related Diseases at St. 
     Clare's Hospital and he is a noted expert in the 
     oral health of HIV patients.  Dr. Abel is a 
     co-founder of the Dental Alliance for HIV/AIDS 
     Care and a dental consultant on HIV issues for the 
     American Dental Association.  
     Tonio Burgos of New York is the President of Tonio 
     Burgos and Associates, Inc., a marketing and 
     public relations firm.  He formerly served as 
     Commissioner of the New York and New Jersey Port 
     Authority and as Director of Executive Services 
     for former Governor Mario Cuomo.  

     Jerry Cade of Nevada operates a private medical 
     practice devoted to the treatment of people with 
     HIV.  He is a co-founder and Director of the 
     University Medical Center's AIDS Outpatient Clinic 
     and HIV Inpatient Unit in Las Vegas.  He also has 
     served as Executive Director of  "Aid for AIDS of 
     Nevada," Nevada's oldest and largest HIV support 
     organization.  Dr. Cade served on Nevada's 
     Statewide AIDS Advisory Task Force.
     B. Thomas Henderson of Texas currently serves as a 
     senior policy advisor to the Texas Land 
     Commissioner and is a former member of the Board 
     of Trustees of the Texas Human Rights Foundation, 
     a statewide organization which seeks to end 
     discrimination based on sexual orientation or 
     HIV/AIDS status.  Mr. Henderson is active in 
     fundraising for numerous HIV/AIDS organizations.
     Helen M. Miramontes of California is currently an 
     Associate Clinical Professor at the University of 
     California, San Francisco's School of Nursing.  
     She also serves as Deputy Director for the 
     International Center for HIV/AIDS research and 
     clinical training in nursing.  Additionally, she 
     is a nurse consultant for the Pacific AIDS 
     Education and Training Center. 

     Robert Michael Rankin, M.D., of San Francisco is 
     the Chief of Psychiatry and Mental Health Services 
     at the Oakland Veterans Administration Medical 
     Center.  He is also the Chair of the Committee on 
     HIV/AIDS for the Union of American Hebrew 
     Congregations (Reform Judaism) and a consultant on 
     HIV/AIDS for the San Francisco Police and 
     Sheriff's Department.  Previously, he served on 
     the Board of Directors of the San Francisco AIDS 
     Richard W. Stafford of Minnesota is the immediate 
     past State Chair of the Minnesota 
     Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL).  Previously, 
     Mr. Stafford organized the Minnesota AIDS Project, 
     a statewide non-profit organization which provided 
     help for those affected by HIV/AIDS.  He currently 
     works as a journalist and consultant.
     The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS has 

been established at the Department of Health and Human Services to provide advice, information and recommendations regarding programs and policies to promote effective prevention of HIV disease, advance research on HIV and AIDS, and promote quality services to persons living with HIV disease and AIDS.