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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 21, 1995


           President Clinton Calls Polish President Lech Walesa and 
                    President-elect Aleksander Kwasniewski 

President Clinton spoke by phone today with President Walesa to convey his profound respect and admiration for Lech Walesa's accomplishments as President and a leader of Polish democracy. The President stressed that President Walesa leaves a historic legacy of freedom that has changed the face of Poland, Europe and the world. The President expressed his appreciation for the close working relationship he and President Walesa established and looked forward to working together in support of their shared goals. The President expressed the hope that Lech Walesa will continue to play a public role in Poland as a force for democracy, continued reforms and national reconciliation.

President Clinton also spoke by phone to President-elect Kwasniewski. The President congratulated Mr. Kwasniewski on his electoral victory and expressed the expectation that Poland and the United States would be able to maintain and deepen their close ties, based on shared commitments to democracy, free market reforms and support of peace and security in Europe. President Clinton welcomed Mr. Kwasniewski's post-electoral calls for national reconciliation and reaffirmation of support for Poland's historic transformation since regaining democracy in 1989.

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