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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 2, 1995
       President Clinton Meets with NATO Secretary General Claes

President Clinton met with NATO Secretary General Willy Claes in the Oval Office today. The two discussed a range of NATO issues, including the NATO role in Bosnia and NATO enlargement. The President congratulated Claes on the key role that NATO has played in defending the safe areas in Bosnia and advancing the cause of peace. He stressed the importance of completing planning for implementation of a peace settlement in Bosnia. Claes briefed the President on the presentation of the NATO enlargement study to members of the Partnership for Peace on September 28. President Clinton welcomed the completion of the study and reiterated strong U.S. support for steady progress toward NATO enlargement and for the parallel development of a strong NATO-Russia partnership. Secretary General Claes also met with National Security Advisor Anthony Lake during his visit to the White House.

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