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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 29, 1995


All Americans agree that we must protect the lives and future health of our children. The bipartisan "Commitment to Our Children" -- in support of this Administration's efforts to reduce children's smoking or use of smokeless tobacco products -- shows just how deep that sentiment runs through our country. The Representatives and Senators who stood up today for our children deserve the nation's thanks. These Democrats and Republicans showed that this is not about partisan politics; it is about doing the right thing for our children and families. Public health leaders, children and family advocates and elected state and local officials from across the nation have also pledged to support our efforts.

Each day, three thousand young people become regular smokers. Nearly 1,000 of them will die early from smoking-related diseases. We must reduce children's access to tobacco products and limit the advertising and promotions that tell our children it is cool or glamorous to smoke, but do not tell them about the disease and death that also come with smoking. The stakes are too high not to act.