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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release September 14, 1995

Vice President Gore Announces First Performance-Based Organization

in Federal Government

Vice President Gore announced today that the Patent and Trademark Office will be the first of a series of agencies to be transformed into a performance-driven, customer-oriented organization. Legislation will be introduced shortly to grant the new Intellectual Property Organization the flexibility to use commercial business practices and be given waivers from selected government controls in exchange for being accountable for agreed-upon performance gains.

The Vice President said, "The Patent and Trademark Office is the right kind of agency to lead the way in this new initiative. It has clearly identifiable customers and products, it is fully funded by user fees, and it has a system in place for measuring results and customer satisfaction."

The concept of creating performance-based organizations in the federal government is based on a similar initiative undertaken in other countries, most notably Britain. The British Patent Office converted to a performance-based organization six years ago and in that time, costs have dropped 40 percent and productivity increased 3 percent a year.

The legislation, to be introduced shortly, would:

The Administration looks forward to working with the relevant committees to transform the Patent and Trademark Office and other agencies into performance-based organizations that can be held accountable for achieving measurable results.