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                        Office of the Press Secretary
                              (Jackson Hole, WY)

For Immediate Release August 16, 1995

Statement by the President

Senator Bill Bradley's decision not to seek a fourth term in the U.S. Senate is a loss to the people of New Jersey and all Americans.

I will miss his leadership in our efforts to deal with the critical issues of race, crime and violence and America's opportunity and responsibility in the post-Cold War era. I am also grateful for his leadership and support in moving the Democratic Party in a new direction, to bring economic opportunity to all Americans by reducing the deficit, investing in our people for the future and creating more trade opportunities for American products around the world, while we continue our traditional mission to protect the environment and the health, safety and welfare of our elderly and our children.

In every aspect of his career -- as an Olympian, as a professional basketball player, as a Senator -- Bill Bradley has performed admirably. New Jersey and America are better for his service. Hillary and I wish the best for him and for Ernestine and their daughter Theresa Anne.