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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release August 3, 1995


The telecommunications reform legislation being considered by the House of Representatives is abhorrent to the public interest and our national economic well-being. Without significant changes to the legislation, the President has said he will be compelled to veto it.

In the early morning hours, the House today began debate on H.R. 1555. They are expected to vote late tonight on the bill. It seems the House does not want the American people to see or hear what's in this legislation -- and for good reason. They couldn't support it if they knew what H.R. 1555 contained.

One person owning the majority of the media outlets in a community is a threat to the very system of democracy upon which our society is built.

And it is wrong. Raising cable rates on American consumers immediately after the next elections to avoid responsibility is wrong. Replacing competition with consolidation in the cable and phone industries is wrong. Preventing parents from having simple and cheap technologies to block explicit sex and excessive violence from coming into their living rooms to young children is wrong.

Unfortunately, H.R. 1555, as reported by the Commerce Committee and amended by the managers' amendment, does all of these things. This bill has been sold to the highest bidder in every telecommunications industry.

The losers are the American people.