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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 10, 1995

Statement by the President

The agreement on the rescissions bill that my Administration has reached with Democrats and Republicans in the Congress is a good one, and it ought to be passed now.

I was disappointed when the Senate failed to complete the job before its recent recess. Now that they have returned, I call on Senators to resolve their differences and pass the bill as early as possible.

This bill achieves needed deficit reduction while protecting key investments in children and education, and in national service, job training, and the environment. I believe it can be a model for future deficit reduction efforts.

Moreover, the rescissions legislation includes funds I requested that are urgently needed for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster relief activities, for the Federal response to the Oklahoma City bombing, for expanding anti-terrorism efforts, and for providing debt relief to Jordan, which is critical to the Middle East peace process.

I urge the Senate to act quickly on this vital legislation.