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                      Office of the Vice President
                            (Moscow, Russia)
For Immediate Release                                      June 28, 1995


I am pleased to announce that President Clinton today declared Lake and Lauderdale counties in Tennessee major disaster areas eligible for federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts already underway there.

Severe storms and tornadoes struck this region of Tennessee May 14-19, 1995. The results were massive and severe, causing four deaths, numerous personal injuries to residents, the destruction of homes, and major damage to utilities and roads.

To help the citizens of this region rebuild their communities, President Clinton has made available federal disaster assistance. Eligible local governments will receive public assistance for the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged public facilities.

The residents of Lake and Lauderdale counties have done tremendous work to recover from the devastation of the storms and tornadoes. I know the federal aid approved today will provide much needed additional support.