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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 15, 1995
     The President yesterday signed an Executive Order for the creation

of a Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Pursuant to the President's Executive Order, the Council will be established at the Department of Health and Human Services to: provide advice, information and recommendations regarding programs and policies to promote effective prevention of HIV disease, advance research on HIV and AIDS, and promote quality services to persons living with HIV disease and AIDS.

The President also announced today that Secretary Shalala will appoint the following 23 individuals to serve on the Council. The Council will be composed of not more than 30 individuals, seven of whom will be announced at a later date.

R. Scott Hitt of California, who will serve as Chair of the Council, is a nationally recognized medical doctor who practices with the Pacific Oaks Medical Group, the country's largest private practice health care providers for patients with HIV disease. Dr. Hitt has been recognized for his philanthropic work on behalf of AIDS service organizations. He serves on the Board of Directors of AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Terje Anderson of Vermont is the AIDS Program Chief for the Vermont Department of Health and founder of the Vermont Committee for AIDS Resources, Education and Services (Vermont CARES).

Regina Aragon of California is the Deputy Director for Public Policy for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. In addition, Ms. Aragon was formerly Chair of the CAEAR Coalition (Cities Advocating Emergency AIDS Relief), which represents the nation's 42 cities hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic.

Mary Boland of New Jersey is Director of the National Pediatric and Family HIV Resource Center at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. She is a registered nurse who has worked in the pediatric and adolescent HIV/AIDS wards since 1983 when HIV was first diagnosed in children. Nicholas Bollman of California is currently Co-Chair of the Public Policy and Leadership Committee of Funders Concerned About AIDS. Mr. Bollman is also a program officer with the James Irvine Foundation, a grant making foundation which provides funding for numerous HIV and AIDS related programs.

Robert L. Fogel of Illinois is an attorney with the firm of Hilfman and Fogel of Chicago. He also is an active supporter of the Chicago House and Social Service Agency which provides housing and services for people with HIV/AIDS.

Debra Frazer-Howze of New York is the President/CEO of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, which is the oldest and largest Black HIV/AIDS organization of its kind in America, working in 17 cities throughout the country.

Kathleen M. Gerus of Michigan, who is Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Hemophilia Foundation, serves as a member of the Board of the National Association of People With AIDS. Ms. Gerus is the widow of a man with hemophilia and AIDS.

Edward Gould of California just completed a three year term as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Service Center and remains a member of the Board of Directors of the Center. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

Phyllis Greenberger of the District of Columbia is the Executive Director of the Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research. She is also a member of The National Advisory Environmental Health Services Council.

Bob Hattoy of California is currently White House Liaison at the Department of the Interior. Mr. Hattoy, who is living with AIDS, is an advocate, speaker and organizer for people with AIDS and AIDS related viruses.

Carole laFavor of Minnesota is a registered nurse and a member of the Ojibwa Tribe. She is a founding member of Positively Native, a national organization for Native Americans with HIV/AIDS.

Jeremy Landau of New Mexico is the Founder of the National Rural AIDS Network, which provides services and education for people living with the HIV/AIDS virus. He is living with HIV.

Alexandra Mary Levine of California is a Professor of Medicine and Chief of Hematology at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. She also serves as the Chairman of the AIDS Policy Committee at the USC School of Medicine.

Steve Lew of California is the Executive Director of the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance Community HIV Project and serves as Co-Chair of the San Francisco Ryan White Planning Council. He is living with HIV.

Altagracia Perez of California is the Rector of the Church of Saint Philip the Evangelist, Episcopal. She is an active member of HDI Inc., Educational Leadership Council on Latinas and AIDS, and has served as Writer and Consultant for "Teens for AIDS Prevention."

H. Alexander Robinson of the District of Columbia is President of the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention and the Senior Legislative Representative for the American Civil Liberties Union AIDS and Lesbian and Gay Rights Projects. Mr. Robinson is living with HIV.

Debbie Runions of Tennessee is a freelance writer and has written a chapter in AIDS and Women's Experience: Emerging Policy Agenda to be published this year. She also serves on Tennessee's HIV Prevention Community Planning Group.

Benjamin Schatz of California serves as Executive Director of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. He was the first attorney to work full time on issues of AIDS-related discrimination on a national basis by establishing the AIDS Civil Rights Project at the National Gay Rights Advocates.

Denise Stokes of Georgia is a free-lance AIDS and substance abuse educational consultant and former Lead Peer Counselor for OUTREACH Inc., the first HIV organization based in the African American Community in the Southeast.

Charles Quincy Troupe of Missouri who is a Missouri State Representative, is nationally respected for his presentations on minority health issues- focusing on the impact of AIDS on women and minorities.

Sandra Thurman of Georgia is the Director of Advocacy Programs for the Task Force for Child Survival and Development at the Carter Center in Atlanta. She previously served as Executive Director of AIDS Atlanta, the Southeast's largest and oldest community based AIDS service organization.

Bruce G. Weniger of Georgia is a medical epidemiologist with international research and training experience on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asia and South America. He works at the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.