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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 17, 1995

Statement of the White House Press Secretary

Whitewater has now been the subject of intense scrutiny for three years. Independent Counsels Fiske and Starr, Committees of both Houses of Congress and the Resolution Trust Corporation have been examining these matters in detail. The President, the First Lady and other Administration officials have offered full and unprecedented cooperation.

The Senate Resolution is a continuation of the Whitewater-related hearings that Congress began last summer. We are certain that the facts, presented in fair hearings, will continue to show that the amorphous and ever-shifting Whitewater charges are without merit.

These hearings will take place at a time when the White House and the Congress must work together on a host of pressing issues, including tough choices surrounding next year's budget. The hearings will not divert the Administration from devoting its time, energy and resources to building on its record of achievement.