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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 4, 1995


President Clinton met today with Prime Minister Klaus of the Czech Republic to discuss the strong and developing partnership between the two countries. The two leaders underscored their support for the Czech Republic's full integration with the principal institutions of the growing Euroatlantic community of free-market democracies. President Clinton expressed his admiration for the speed and determination with which the Czech Republic is making the transition to a strong, vibrant market economy. The President expressed confidence that the reform process would continue.

The President noted the Czech Republic's impressive progress toward membership in the OECD and stressed that the U.S. was prepared to offer its full support for Czech accession this year provided the Czech Republic meets the OECD's standards for membership.

President Clinton and Prime Minister Klaus discussed the emerging security architecture of the Euroatlantic community, including the strengthening of the OSCE, the evolution and expansion of NATO, and the long-term importance of an active Partnership for Peace. They stressed that the process of NATO's expansion, now underway, would strengthen security, stability and prospects for reform among all of Europe's democracies. President Clinton noted that NATO's expansion will take place on a country-by-country basis, in a steady, gradual and transparent fashion.

The two leaders discussed prospects for increased trade and investment between the United States and Czech Republic. In this context, they welcomed the conclusion of a joint export financing agreement to support both countries' exports to third markets. They also reviewed bilateral cooperation in other areas.

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