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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 27, 1995


A full year has passed since South Africa embarked on a bold course to build nonracial democracy. Americans vividly remember watching inspiring scenes of the people of South Africa standing patiently in long lines to cast their first votes together. Their work for a democratic future still touches us all.

Under President Mandela's wise leadership, South Africa has taken the road of reconciliation and consensus building. The United States remains determined to assist South Africa in these efforts, through our assistance program, the U.S.-South African Binational Commission launched in March, and a wide array of public and private sector initiatives to support the rebuilding of South Africa.

South Africans are charting a course to meet the country's pressing economic and social needs. The Government of National Unity has promoted sound economic policies. The American private sector -- business, private voluntary organizations, and academic institutions -- has joined efforts to nurture and sustain democracy and economic growth in South Africa. Over 300 American companies have returned since apartheid ended.

On this Freedom Day, April 27, I congratulate the people of South Africa on their progress and courage. They stand as a symbol of hope in a strife-torn world. The American people wish them every success.

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