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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 25, 1995

President Clinton today named the following individuals to serve as Delegates to the White House Conference on Aging. The 1995 White House Conference on Aging will take place May 2-5 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. It will be the culmination of more than 800 grass-roots events held across the country and will bring together nearly 2,200 delegates from all 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia to help craft a national aging policy for the next decade. The remaining 35 appointees will be announced in the near future. Brief biographies of the delegates follow:

     Fidel Aguilar of Colorado is both the Political Education and
     Retiree Coordinator for the Colorado AFL-CIO.

     Frank Alexander of Iowa is the President of the
     Iowa State Council of Senior Citizens.

     Samuel Amorose of Pennsylvania is the former 
     President of the Pennsylvania State Council of 
     Senior Citizens.

     Lena Archuleta of Colorado is a retired Denver 
     public school principal and serves on the board of 
     directors of the American Association of Retired 

     Norma Asnes of the District of Columbia is a well 
     known writer, serves on the Board of the Joint 
     Center for Political and Economic Studies, and is 
     a member of the Madison Council of the Library of 

     Judy Basham of New Mexico was a public servant for 
     29 years in the State of New Mexico, serving most 
     recently as the State Personnel Director.

     Theressa Burns of Minnesota works in the 
     Geriatric Research Education and 
     Clinical Center at the Minneapolis 
     Veterans Medical Center.

     Shirley Cagle of Louisiana is the former 
     Coordinator and Assistant Director of 
     the Ouachita Council on Aging, and is 
     well known in the State of Louisiana for 
     her work with senior citizens.

     Helen Carlstrom of Washington is a retired teacher 
     who is actively involved in health care 
     reform in Washington.

     Amelia Castillo of Texas is the Executive Director of
     El Paso Senior Opportunities and Services, a clinic
     that provides the elderly with the means for
     independent living.  She has been a clinical
     practitioner for the last 15 years.

     George Chassey of South Carolina is the Director of
     Development for the South Carolina Episcopal Home in
     Still Hopes, South Carolina.

     Harvey Cohen of North Carolina is a Director at the
     VA Medical Center in Durham, President of the
     American Geriatrics Society, and Director of the Duke
     University Center for Aging.

     Victoria Cowell of Maryland is a Minister who serves
     at the Commission on Mental Health Services for the
     District of Columbia at St. Elizabeth's Campus.

     Erica Goode of California is an Associate Clinical
     Professor of Medicine at the University of
     California, San Francisco.

     Pauline Gore, mother of Vice President 
     Al Gore, of Tennessee is active in 
     senior citizens issues.
     Helene Grossman of New York is a leader 
     in the field of gerontology and has 
     managed a home for the aged and blind.
     Harry Guenther of Florida is a former 
     assistant to the President of the United 
     Steelworkers of America and sits on the 
     Executive Committee of the National 
     Council on Senior Citizens.
     Richard Gunther of California is the 
     President of Americans for Peace Now and 
     a member of the American Association of 
     Retired Persons.
     Lars Hennum of Washington is a Regional 
     Director for the National Council on 
     Senior Citizens, and President of the 
     Washington State Council of Senior 
     Sherrye Henry of New York is an author 
     and broadcast journalist.  She is active 
     in the DANA Alliance, a non-profit 
     foundation which supports medical 
     research with an emphasis on aging issues.

     Peggy Houston of Tennessee is the former 
     President of both the Tennessee 
     Federation on Aging and the Tennessee 
     Senior Center Directors Association.
     Laura Hyatt of California is the Executive         
     Director of the American Subacute Care             
     Association, whose purpose is to take care of              
     transitional senior citizen patients who are      
     rehabilitative or acutely ill. 

     Theresa McKenna of Virginia is the 
     editor of the "Retirement Newsletter" 
     and is a board member of the National 
     Council of Senior Citizens.
      Matthew McNulty of Mississippi is the 
     former Chancellor and Vice President for 
     Georgetown University.  Dr. McNulty 
     currently serves on the Department of 
     Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on 
     Geriatrics and Gerontology.
      Herbert McTaggart of Ohio is a retired 
     AFL-CIO Retiree Coordinator and is a 
     member of the Northern Ohio Health 
     Service Agency, which works to control 
     cost and quality care in hospitals and                   
      nursing homes.
      Cecil Malone of Arkansas is the Director 
     of both the Arkansas American 
     Association of Retired Persons and 
     "VOTE" program.

      Rose Marie Meredith of West Virginia is 
     a licensed social worker, the Executive 
     Director of the Wayne County Community 
     Service Organization, and the former 
     Director of the Southwestern Community                   
     Action Council.
      Wesley Parrott of New York retired from 
     the Department of Social Services after 
     38 years as a Direct Services Supervisor 
     within the Crisis Intervention Unit.  He 
     graduated from York College in 1990 with 
     a degree in Gerontology to better serve 
     the aging population.
      Madeline Parsons of Nevada is a member 
     of the American Association of Retired 
     Person's Leadership Council, where she 
     chaired the Health and Long Term Care 
     Action Group.  She is also a member of 
     the Retired Senior Volunteer Program's                   
     Advisory Council.

     Nancy Peace of Tennessee is the Director 
     of Human Services Planning where she is 
     working on a system of services to 
     ensure the fullest utilization of all 
     capabilities of the elderly.
      Charlie Peritore of New York is the 
     Chair of the Retiree Division of the New 
     York Civil Service Employee Association 
     of the American Federation of State, 
     County and Municipal Employees.
      Frederick Perkins of California is the 
     President of the National Council of 
     Senior Citizen's Retiree Club.  He is 
     also a Legislative Representative to the 
     Congress of California Seniors.
      Mike Rankin of California is the Chief of                 
     Psychiatry and Mental Health at the Oakland VA     
     Medical Center and the former Commissioner 
     for Mental Health for the State of 

      Linda Rhodes of Pennsylvania is the 
     former Director of the Pennsylvania 
     Office on Aging.
     Kay Ryder of Vermont is the Public 
     Relations Director of the Visiting 
     Nurses Association and a member of the 
     American Association of Retired Persons.
     Janice Schakowsky of Illinois is a State 
     Legislator who is well known for her 
     active involvement in senior citizens 
     issues.  She is also the Executive 
     Director of the Illinois State Council 
     of Senior Citizens.
     Lynn Williams Shipp of Colorado is the 
     President of Solutions Incorporated, a 
     consulting health care company based in 
     Boulder, Colorado.
     Eleanor Slater of Rhode Island served as 
     both a Representative and Senator in the 
     Rhode Island State Legislature for 10 
     years.  She was appointed by the 
     Governor to establish the Department of                   
     Elderly Affairs, where she served as Director for      
     eight years.

     Alan Solomont of Massachusetts is the 
     founder and President of ADS, an 
     organization specializing in long-term 
     care and senior living.
     Viston Taylor of Tennessee is the former 
     Director of the Southeast Tennessee Area 
     Agency on Aging and was appointed by the 
     Governor for a six-year term on the 
     Tennessee Commission on Aging.
     Norman Vaughan of Alaska at 89 years old 
     led the Mount Vaughan Antarctic 
     Fredda Vladeck of Maryland works with 
     the Director of the Department of 
     Retiree Affairs for the Teamsters.

     Diana Wiley of California is a licensed 
     psychotherapist specializing in 
     sexuality of older Americans.
     Norma Wisor of Arkansas is the Executive 
     Director of SHARE Arkansas, a retirement 
     information center.
     Ken Worley of Missouri is a board member 
     of the National Council of Senior 
     Citizens and the UAW Regional Director 
     of Retirees.