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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 27, 1995

Cabinet/Sub-Cabinet Southern Economic Conference Travel

March 28 - March 30, 1995

In conjunction with the President's Southern Regional Economic Conference on March 29, 1995 in Atlanta, GA, nine Cabinet-level officials and 20 members of the Sub-Cabinet will fan out across the South to meet with community leaders, business executives, and working people to discuss how the economy is helping hard working middle-class Americans.


City            State          Individual                Agency
Nashville        TN            Director Rasco              DPC
Chattanooga      TN            Administrator Lader         SBA
Orlando          FL            Director Rivlin             OMB
Sarasota         FL            Director Tyson              CEA
Miami            FL            Secretary Rubin             TREAS
Macon            GA            Secretary Shalala           HHS
Columbus         GA            Secretary Riley             DoEd
Raleigh          NC            Secretary Reich             DOL
Fayatteville     NC            Acting Secretary Rominger   USDA


City            State          Individual                 Agency
Baton Rouge      LA            Asst. Sec. Elwood            HHS
Shreveport       LA            Deputy Asst. Sec. Rosseli    TREAS
New Orleans      LA            Under. Sec. Farmer           DOC
Louisville       KY            Asst. Sec. Ross              DOL
Memphis          TN            Asst. Sec. Longanecker       DoEd
Little Rock      AR            Asst. Sec. Kearney           DOC
                 AR            Asst. Sec. Davis             HUD
Knoxville        TN            Asst. Sec. Ginsburg          DOC
                               Asst. Sec. Hawkins           DOC
Charlotte        NC            Asst. Sec. Stegman           HUD
Durham           NC            Asst. Sec. McCowen           DoEd
Winston-Salem    NC            Asst. Sec. Anderson          DOL
Austin           TX            Asst. Sec. Robinson          DoEd
Dallas           TX            Deputy Sec. Barram           DOC
Houston          TX            Asst. Sec. Vickery           DOC
Charleston       SC            Asst. Sec. McGlauhin         DOC
Birmingham       AL            Asst. Sec. Gilliland         USDA
Montgomery       AL            Admin. Meyers                SBA
Roanoke          VA            Asst. Sec. McAteer           DOL