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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 21, 1995


The President today announced his intent to appoint Anne-Lee Verville to the National Skill Standards Board.

Anne-Lee Verville of Connecticut is General Manager of IBM Education Businesses, whose mission is to help educational organizations address the on-going transformations occurring at all levels of the U.S. educational system. Ms. Verville began her career with IBM in 1967 and has held a number of senior management positions. These include top-level marketing and financial positions such as Chief Financial Officer for IBM U.S. Marketing and Services. Most recently, she served as President of IBM's General Sector Division. Ms. Verville earned a B.A. from Smith College and completed the Management Development Program at Harvard Graduate School of Business.

The National Skill Standards Board is an independent agency composed of leaders from business, education, labor. It was authorized by the GOALS 2000: Educate America Act of 1994 in order to address the problems caused by the lack of connection between the skills Americans need in the workplace and the skills they receive through education and training. The Board will play a role in solving this mismatch by encouraging the development of voluntary skill standards that will identify the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities American workers need to succeed in the workplace.

The National Skill Standards Board consists of twenty-four individuals, twelve appointed by the President and twelve named by Congress.