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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 2, 1995

Statement by the Press Secretary

Vice President Al Gore and the Hillary Rodham Clinton will attend events surrounding the UN's World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen later this month.

The Summit will bring together world leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to focus on critical social issues -- poverty, unemployment and social disintegration -- that threaten development and global security. Some 125 heads of state or government are expected to attend the Summit. In addition, more than 2400 NGOs are expected to be in Copenhagen during the proceedings.

The Vice President will attend the Summit on March 12 and deliver a speech to the delegates from participating nations. The First Lady will be in Copenhagen on March 7 to address the NGO Forum that will run concurrently with the Summit.

The core issues of the Summit -- combating poverty, creating jobs and promoting people's participation in development -- reflect the Clinton Administration's agenda of "putting people first," and sustainable progress in these areas ultimately will contribute to the security and prosperity of the United States by promoting a more stable and prosperous world.

As reflected by the First Lady's participation in the NGO Forum, the U.S. will also stress the importance of dynamic civil societies -- and crucial role of the private and non-governmental sectors -- in the process of economic growth and development.

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