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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 28, 1995


It was with deep sadness and regret that Hillary and I learned today of the death of Jim Grant, Executive Director of UNICEF. Throughout his long career, Jim Grant was a visionary leader -- one of the most distinguished international public servants of our time. It was in recognition of Jim Grant's lifelong contributions that I was honored to present him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom last August.

Under Jim Grant's fifteen years of leadership, UNICEF has earned a reputation as one of the most effective and esteemed UN agencies. UNICEF retains its special place in the hearts of all Americans.

We will remember Jim Grant most for his tireless advocacy on behalf of the world's children and for pioneering low-cost, simple techniques for alleviating disease, poverty and suffering among the neediest of children. One measure of his legacy lies in the fact that today 80 percent of children in the developing world receive immunizations compared with 20 percent in 1980, when Jim Grant assumed leadership of UNICEF.

Today, we have lost a personal friend, an American hero and champion of children throughout the world. We will all miss him.

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