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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 23, 1994


The President has renewed for another year the national emergency with respect to Libya pursuant to the National Emergencies Act. This renewal extends the current comprehensive financial and trade embargo against Libya in effect since 1986. Under these sanctions, all trade with Libya is controlled by the Department of the Treasury, and all assets owned or controlled by the Libyan government in the United States or in possession of United States persons are frozen.

The United States believes that still stronger United Nations Security Council sanctions should be enacted if Libya continues to defy the international community. We remain determined to secure full Libyan compliance with the United Nations Security Council resolutions, and we will continue our efforts to ensure that the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks against Pan Am 103 and UTA 772 are brought to justice. The families of the victims of these murderous attacks and other acts of Libyan terrorism deserve nothing less.

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