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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 30, 1994


National Security Adviser Anthony Lake has invited Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to meet with him in the White House the week of December 5. Mr. Adams will be granted a waiver to travel to the United States on a multiple entry visa valid for ninety days. Mr. Lake looks forward to hearing Mr. Adams' views on the current situation in Northern Ireland and to discussing ways in which the peace process can be further advanced and economic prosperity can be promoted.

Mr. Lake's invitation to Mr. Adams is in the context of the Administration's support for efforts to consolidate the peace process in Northern Ireland and to encourage political reconciliation and economic regeneration in the region. Since the ban on contacts with Sinn Fein was lifted two months ago, Mr. Adams has discussed the developing situation with White House and State Department officials, including the U.S. Ambassadors to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Over the past year, Mr. Lake has met with a number of other political leaders from Northern Ireland. As in those previous meetings, Mr. Lake will underscore the Administration's support for the joint efforts of the Irish and British governments to reach a political settlement in Northern Ireland, and the Administration's commitment to support the development of a peaceful political process in Northern Ireland through which the legitimate aspirations of both communities can be addressed in a just and democratic manner.

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