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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 22, 1994

Statement by the Press Secretary

The United States warmly welcomes the successful completion of elections in Mozambique. These elections mark a major milestone in Mozambique's long path to democracy and national reconciliation and crown a remarkable year of historic democratic 0change throughout southern Africa.

Mozambicans overwhelmingly embraced democracy on October 27- 29, casting their ballots peacefully and in impressive numbers. Following the declaration by local and international authorities, including the UN Special Representative, that the elections were free and fair, Mozambique is poised to move ahead to a new era of national unity and construction.

The United Nations, regional leaders, the international community and numerous private groups provided essential support for this remarkable transition. The United States was proud to play its role through support for the electoral campaigns, voter education programs and the UN peacekeeping operations. Most important, however, has been the unwavering courage of the Mozambican people and their leaders and their belief that the future belongs to the peacemakers.

President Clinton wrote to President Joaquim Alberto Chissano yesterday to congratulate him on his victory. In his letter, the President said, ``the success of this process of national reconciliation has been a source of deep satisfaction to all who have followed and supported your nation's efforts. Your call on all political parties and civil groups to work together to heal the wounds of the past and build a bright future for Mozambique is crucial to that important goal.''

The President expressed his appreciation to RENAMO leader Afonso Dhlakama on the positive course he has chosen.

The President also congratulates the 250 men and women chosen as delegates to the new National Assembly. The United States stands with them as they work in partnership to solidify peace and fulfill the promise of these elections for a better life for all Mozambicans.

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