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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 13, 1994


I welcome today's announcement by the Combined Loyalist Military Command in Northern Ireland declaring an end to its campaign of violence. The cease-fire announcement by the IRA on August 31 and today's announcement by Loyalist paramilitaries present the best hope for peace in a generation in Northern Ireland. The parties must now build on this historic step forward and enter into negotiations for a lasting settlement.

Prime Minister John Major of the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Albert Reynolds of Ireland deserve great credit for their leadership and persistence in pressing for progress. The principles put forward in their Downing Street Declaration provide an important foundation for a just and lasting peace. I look forward to the next steps in the process, including the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation proposed by Prime Minister Reynolds and the round-table talks convened by the Irish and British governments with all involved parties.

I am pleased that the United States has been able to contribute to the peace process in Northern Ireland. We continue to stand ready to assist in achieving a negotiated, democratic settlement supported by both communities in Northern Ireland.

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