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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 22, 1994

President Clinton today announced the appointment of Lawrence Harrington, Douglas X. Patino, Linda A. Randolph, John C. Sawhill and Diane Walton Wood as members of the Enterprise for the Americas Board.

Mr. Lawrence Harrington is a Washington attorney who works with non-profit organizations engaged in democracy and environmental projects in Latin America. A native of Tennessee, Mr. Harrington's previous positions have included Counsel to Senator Al Gore and Political Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Fluent in Spanish, he is on the Board of the Organization for Tropical Studies, an international environmental consortium headquartered at Duke University.

Dr. Douglas X. Patino is Vice Chancellor of California State University at Long Beach. Previously, he was President and CEO of the New Partnership Foundation, which he founded to improve communication, cooperation, and economic and social development among the diverse populations along the US-Mexico border. He also directed the Marin Community Foundation, the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security and the State of California Health and Welfare Agency.

Dr. Linda A. Randolph is a pediatrician and Clinical Professor at the Mt. Sinai Medical School Department of Community Medicine in New York City. From l991-1993, she was on assignment as Executive Director of the Task Force on Meeting the Needs of Young Children at the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In the 1970's, she oversaw Health Services for Project Headstart nationally; she also directed the Office of Public Health for New York State for eight years.

Dr. John C. Sawhill, President of the Nature Conservancy (TNC), has been reappointed to the Board. With a Ph.D. from New York University, he has served as the University's President. Dr. Sawhill has also been Deputy Energy Secretary, and in senior positions at McKinsey and Company. As head of TNC, he directs programs in the region the Enterprise Board serves.

Since 1989, Ms. Diane Walton Wood has been Vice- President for Latin American and Caribbean Programs of the World Wildlife Fund, where she develops and oversees conservation efforts in the region. Previously, she was Director of Non-Governmental Organization Programs at the World Wildlife Fund and earlier, at the International Institute for Environment and Development. As a Peace Corps volunteer in the late l970's, she was an environmental education specialist. Ms. Wood is being re-appointed.

The Enterprise For The Americas initiative seeks to improve the lives of Latin American and Caribbean children and adults through community-based conservation and sustainable use of the environment. The program uses funds in eligible countries for various local environmental projects. U.S. Board members oversee the activities of grant-making Boards within each participating country.

The President has also appointed representatives of six government entities, including the Secretaries of Treasury, State and Agriculture; Administrators of EPA and AID; and Chair of the InterAmerican Foundation, to this eleven-member Board.