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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release September 16, 1994
   Cabinet Secretaries,Agency Heads At Events Across The Nation
      Join Clinton, Gore To Create Customer-Driven Government

     ****** TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1994  11:45 PM (EDT) ******
        WASHINGTON -- As part of their commitment to put the 

federal government's customers -- the American people -- first, President Clinton and Vice President Gore will release Tuesday (9/20) the first comprehensive set of customer service standards for each department and agency of the federal government.

Cabinet secretaries and agency heads will join the President and Vice President on Customer Service Day at events across the nation to share with the American people their new standards and procedures for improving customer service.

"The American people demand and deserve a resultsdriven government," the Vice President said. "We will reach this goal by establishing customer service standards, keeping track of the federal government's performance, and publishing those results."

The President and Vice President will unveil the report, "Putting Customers First: Standards for Serving the American People," at 11:45 AM (EDT), Tuesday, September 20, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Below is information about events involving cabinet secretaries and agency heads that also will take place across the nation on Customer Service Day.

"Putting Customers First: Standards for Serving the American People" is part of Vice President Gore's National Performance Review: Creating a Government That Works Better and Costs Less, which he presented to the President last September. One of the recommendations in the report called for all departments and agencies to develop customer service standards. Within days after the NPR initiative was released, President Clinton issued an executive order calling for a customer service "revolution within the federal government to change the way it does business." Tuesday's report is the result of this executive order.

                       Customer Service Day
               Cabinet Department and Agency Events
                        September 20, 1994

Note: All events are on Tuesday, September 20, unless otherwise noted. Times and sites may change, so please call to confirm.

Cabinet Officer: Attorney General Janet Reno Event Description: The Attorney General will greet a plane

                       arriving from out of the country, assist 
                       travelers with the immigration process, 
                       and demonstrate INSPASS, the Immigration 
                       and Naturalization Service's new 
                       automation system for inspecting 
                       frequent international business 
                       travelers in less than a minute.
   Event Location:     John F. Kennedy Airport, New York City
   Time:               1:00pm
   Press Contact:      Bert Brandenburg
   Phone:              (202) 616-0189

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Bruce Babbitt Event Description: The Secretary will give an historic talk

                       to tourists at Faneuil Hall, which is 
                       part of Boston National Historical Park.
   Event Location:     Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA
   Time:               3:00 pm
   Press Contact:      Mary Helen Thompson
   Phone:              (202) 208-6416

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Mike Espy Event Description: The Secretary will serve customers in

                       the Mexico, MO Farm Service Center, an 
                       office that combines several USDA 
                       programs together in one office and 
                       links offices with the same computer 
                       system in order to better serve farmers 
                       applying for loans and seeking other 
   Event Location:     USDA Farm Service Center
                       4616 South Clark Street
                       (Route 54, South End of Town)
                       Mexico, Missouri
   Time:               TBA
   Press Contact:      Jim Loftus
   Phone:              (202) 720-4623
      Cabinet Officer:    Secretary Ron Brown
   Event Description:  Secretary Brown and Deputy Secretary 
                       Dave Barram will demonstrate three 
                       customer service efforts.  Secretary 
                       Brown will take calls from customers who 
                       are calling the 1-800-STAT USA lines to 
                       order materials or make inquiries, and 
                       he will do an Internet demonstration of  
                       how the public can access the National 
                       Trade Data Bank.  He will also take 
                       calls into the Commerce Department's 
                       Trade Information Center.  In addition, 
                       all other Commerce Bureaus will have 
                       interactive displays demonstrating 
                       information and services available to 
                       the public. 
   Event Location:     The Commerce Department, Room 4830
                       Washington DC
   Time:               1:30pm
   Press Contact:      Maria Cardona
   Phone:              (202) 482-3263

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Robert Reich Event Description: The Secretary will tour the Wheaton

                       Multi-Service Center to highlight the 
                       unemployment insurance "profiling" 
                       program, which identifies the needs of 
                       applicants and reduces the time of 
                       unemployment for a newly unemployed 
                       individual.   He will also announce $8 
                       million in grants for worker profiling.
   Event Location:     Wheaton Multi-Service Center, Wheaton, 
                       11160 Veirs Mill Road
                       Wheaton Plaza
                       South Office Building
   Time:               TBA
   Press Contact:      Jody Franklin
   Phone:              (202) 219 8211

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Donna Shalala Event Description: The Secretary will visit a walk-in

                       center that provides assistance to 
                       senior citizens in getting health care 
                       benefits and administrative and legal 
                       assistance. She will assist the staff in 
                       serving the customers.
   Event Location:     Health Insurance Counseling Project of 
                       George Washington University
                       2136 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
   Time:               9:30am
   Press Contact:      HHS Press Office
   Phone:              (202) 690-6343
      Cabinet Officer:    Secretary Henry Cisneros
   Event Description:  The Secretary will help to renovate the 
                       home of recipients of a 203(k) loan.  
                       This program allows people with low and 
                       moderate incomes to buy and renovate 
                       distressed property.
   Event Location:     Home of Steven and Rachel Rival
                       11-12 Logan St
                       New Britton, CT
   Time:               11:00am
   Press Contact:      Janice Crump
   Phone:              (202) 708 0120

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Frederico Pe?a Event Description: The Secretary will show how federal

                       highway truck inspectors make  roads 
                       safer for highway passengers and 
                       truckers by assisting with truck 
                       inspections. He will also ride in an 18-
                       wheeler from downtown Atlanta to the 
                       inspection station.
   Event Location:     Truck Inspection Site on Highway 1-20 in 
   Time:               10:00am
   Press Contact:      Jim Cullinan
   Phone:              (202) 366-5563

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Richard Riley Event Description: The Secretary will tour the financial

                       aid office, meet with staff and students 
                       to discuss improvements in student loan 
                       operations and help distribute student 
                       aid checks.
   Event Location:     Hood College, Fredricksburg, MD
   Time:               11:30am
   Press Contact:      Kerri Morgan
   Phone:              (202) 401-3026

Cabinet Officer: Secretary Jesse Brown Event Description: The Secretary will help veterans file

                       benefits claims in VA's Regional Office 
                       in Chicago. The Secretary will also 
                       present a Special Adaptive Award check 
                       to a disabled veteran to assist in 
                       building a disabled adaptive home.  
   Event Location:     Chicago VA Regional Office
   Time:               7:30am - 1:30pm
   Press Contact:      Carl Henderson
   Phone:              (312) 353-4076
      Cabinet Officer:    Secretary Lloyd Bentsen
   Event Description:  The Secretary will tour the 
                       international arrivals area at Dulles 
                       Airport.  He will make remarks focusing 
                       on US Customs Service efforts regarding 
                       customer service improvements in 
                       processing international passengers and 
                       cargo as part of the National 
                       Performance Review initiative.
   Event Location:     Dulles Airport, MD
   Time:               TBA
   Date:               Thursday September 22, 1994
   Press Contact:      Jon Murchinson
   Phone:              622-2960
   Agency Officer:     EPA Administrator Carol Browner
   Event Description:  The Administrator will visit a library 
                       and meet with community and business 
                       leaders and emergency planning 
                       commissioners to discuss increasing 
                       access to information about toxic 
                       chemicals in communities.
   Event Location:     Library (TBA) in Kansas City, MO
   Time:               11:30-12:30am
   Press Contact:      Melissa Bonney
   Phone:              (202) 260-9828
   Agency Officer:     ONDCP Director Lee Brown
   Event Description:  Director Brown and Federal Bureau of 
                       Investigation officials will demonstrate 
                       Drugfire, a ballistics tool, developed 
                       with Office of National Drug Control 
                       Policy and FBI funds.  This tool, 
                       available to state and local law 
                       enforcement, will enable rapid sharing 
                       of evidence crucial to solving drug-
                       related violent crime.
   Event Location:     Charlotte Police Department
                       Charlotte, NC
   Time:               Between 2pm and 4pm
   Press Contact:      Alexis Revis-Yeoman
   Phone:              (202) 395-6788
      Agency Officer:     SBA Administrator Erskine Bowles
   Event Description:  The Administrator will be at the Wharton 
                       Small Business Development Center to 
                       listen to the concerns of small 
                       businesses and to discuss how the SBA 
                       can serve them better. The Small 
                       Business Development Centers are the 
                       Small Business Administration's  
                       nationwide effort to team up with the 
                       private sector to provide technical and 
                       management assistance to small 
                       businesses, expanding what government 
                       can do to help small business owners 
                       become viable and competitive. 
   Event Location:     The Small Business Development Center
                       The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton 
                       Vance Hall, 4th Floor
                       3733 Spruce Street
                       Philadelphia, PA
   Time:               1:30pm
   Press Contact:      Nicole Elkon
   Phone:              (202) 205-6740
   Agency Officer:     OPM Director Jim King
   Event Description:  Director King will unveil the Office of 
                       Personnel Management's customer service 
                       standards and discuss OPM's outreach 
                       efforts to historically Hispanic 
                       colleges and veterans groups.  He will 
                       also demonstrate OPM's new computer 
                       technology for speeding the federal job 
   Event Location:     OPM San Antonio Service Center
                       8610 Broadway, Room 305
                       San Antonio, TX
   Time:               10:00am, CST
   Press Contact:      Rosalie Cameron
   Phone:              (202) 606-1800

Agency Officer: FEMA Director James Lee Witt Event Description: The Director will hold a press

                       conference to release the results of a 
                       customer satisfaction survey in which 
                       5,000 disaster victims were surveyed on 
                       a wide range of customer services 
                       before, during and after disasters, from 
                       Hurricane Andrew in 1992 through the 
                       Northridge, CA earthquake of 1994.  The 
                       findings were very positive.
   Event Location:     Federal Emergency Management 
                       Administration HQ
                       500 C St, SW
                       Washington DC
   Time:               10:30am
   Press Contact:      Morrie Goodman
   Phone:              (202) 646 4600
   Agency Officer:     GSA Administrator Roger Johnson
   Event Description:  The General Services Administration 
                       Administrator will speak to a group of 
                       corporate executives in California, 
                       focussing on GSA's customer service 
                       standards and government streamlining 
                       efforts overall.
   Event Location:     La Meridien Hotel
                       4500 McArthur Blvd.
                       Newport Beach, CA
   Time:               6:00pm
   Press Contact:      Hap Connors
   Phone:              (202) 501-1231
   Agency Officer:     SSC Commissioner Shirley Chater
   Event Description:  The Social Security Commission 
                       Commissioner will greet customers and 
                       take applications for social security 
                       card numbers.
   Event Location:     Social Security Administration Office
                       2100 M Street, NW
   Time:               10:00-11:00am
   Press Contact:      Phil Gambino
   Phone:              (410) 965-8904

Cabinet Officer: Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency

and Renewable Energy, Christine Ervin Event Description: The Assistant Secretary will highlight

                       the Department's home weatherization 
                       program by accompanying a team to a 
                       customer's home to demonstrate ways to 
                       weatherize, conserve energy and reduce 
                       energy bills.
   Event Location:     Prince George's County, MD 
   Time:               TBA
   Press Contact:      Anne Elliott
   Phone:              (202) 586-1607

Cabinet Officer: Education Deputy Secretary Madeleine

Event Description: The Deputy Secretary will tour the

                       financial aid office, meet with staff 
                       and students to discuss improvements in 
                       student loan operations and help 
                       distribute student aid checks.
   Event Location:     Old Dominion University, Financial Aid 
                       Hampton Blvd and 49th St.
                       Norfolk, VA
   Time:               10:15am
   Press Contact:      Kerri Morgan
   Phone:              (202) 401-3026
      Cabinet Officer:    Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary 
                       Hershel Gober
   Event Description:  The Deputy Secretary will join 
                       volunteers in offering various services 
                       to patients at the medical center, 
                       including staffing a "hobby cart" and 
                       serving coffee in the Ambulatory Care 
   Event Location:     Baltimore VA Medical Center
   Time:               8:30am - 12:00 noon
   Press Contact:      Ozzie Garza
   Phone:              (202) 273-5740
   Agency Officer:     OPM Deputy Director Lorraine Green
   Event Description:  The Deputy Director will introduce OPM's 
                       customer service standards, focus on 
                       OPM's outreach efforts to historically 
                       Black colleges and veterans groups, and 
                       demonstrate OPM's new computer 
                       technology that helps speed the federal 
                       job search.
   Event Location:     OPM's Huntsville, AL Service Center
                       520 Wynn Drive, NW
                       Huntsville, AL
   Time:               10:00am CST
   Press Contact:      Rosalie Cameron
   Phone:              (202) 606-1800
   Agency Officer:     GSA Deputy Administrator Julia Stasch
   Event Description:  The Deputy Administrator will introduce 
                       GSA's customer service plan by filling 
                       up a GSA Fleet Vehicle with natural gas, 
                       checking the oil and performing other 
                       types of vehicle maintenance in 
                       accordance with the benchmarks in the 
                       GSA customer service plan.
   Event Location:     Amoco Gas Station
                       823 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
                       Washington DC
   Time:               11:00am
   Press Contact:      Hap Connors
   Phone:              (202) 501-1231

Cabinet Officer: State Department Assistant Secretary

Dick Moose
Event Description: The Assistant Secretary will officially

                       open the new Washington Passport Agency 
                       and distribute passports to new 
   Event Location:     The Washington Passport Agency
                       1111 19th Street, NW
                       Washington D.C.
   Time:               12:00 noon
   Press Contact:      Nyda Budig
   Phone:              (202) 647-2979