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                 Office of the Press Secretary
                      (Martha's Vineyard)

For Immediate Release September 5, 1994


Warm greetings to all who are celebrating Rosh Hashana in this promising year of renewal.

The high holidays, the most solemn and hallowed days of the Hebrew calendar, mark the beginning of a new year. Jews around the world pause to reassess their lives and their relationships with others and with God. Most important, Rosh Hashana celebrates change -- bidding farewell to an old year and welcoming the new.

During last year's high holy days, the world rejoiced as Prime Minister Rabin and Chairman Arafat took the first brave steps toward peace in the Middle East. This year, in the same courageous spirit, we have seen new, bold steps in the peace process. Together, we watched the determined leaders of Israel and Jordan turn away from the sorrow of generations of hostility, blood, and tears to embrace the promises of hope and prosperity.

As the shofar sounds this Rosh Hashana, let it be a summons to build on this long anticipated foundation -- a summons to nourish the seeds of peace that have finally been planted on both sides of the River Jordan.

Best wishes to all for a joyous Rosh Hashana and a peaceful new year.