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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release August 12, 1994
                      REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT 
                            UPON DEPARTURE

South Lawn

10:28 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Ladies and gentleman, last night when 225 members of Congress voted with the NRA and the Republican congressional leadership, under enormous pressure, they decided that their political security was more important than the personal security of the American people. They said no to 100,000 police on the street, no to getting guns and kids off the street, no to protecting our police forces and our citizens against gangs with assault weapons, no to giving our kids some things to say yes to --as well as something to say no to -- no to three strikes and you're out, and the toughest punishment laws ever passed by the United States Congress.

We are going out now, the Cabinet, mayors of both parties, citizens of both parties all across this country to say that this crime bill cannot die. Congress has an obligation to the American people that goes way beyond politics and way beyond party. The American people have said over and over this is their first concern. If we can't meet this concern, there is something badly wrong in Washington. And we are going today, starting now, to the National Association of Police Officers Conference to carry this battle back. We are going to fight and fight and fight until we win this battle for the American people.

Thank you very much.

END10:31 A.M. EDT