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Office of Media Affairs

For Immediate Release July 29, 1994

Now On-Line: White House Fellows Brochure & Application

Seeking to make information on White House Fellowships accessible to more Americans, the White House today posted the program's brochure text and application on-line.

"I can't think of a better way to spread the word about one of Washington's best kept secrets -- the White House Fellowship program," Vice President Gore said. "It's also fitting that we use the technology of the future to attract tomorrow's leaders today."

The White House Fellows brochure and application text are now on-line at:

For a brochure, in the message body type: "send brochure".

For an application, in the message body type: "send application".

The content of the subject line will be ignored.

The non-partisan White House Fellows program, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this fall, places exceptionally talented men and women in full-time paid positions for a year at the White House and Executive agencies. Alumni include HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Colin Powell and the current heads of CNN, Macy's, Levi Strauss and Tenneco.

The 1994-95 class of White House Fellows, which arrives Sept. 1, includes six women and 11 men who range in age from 26 to 39. The class includes four attorneys, three doctors, three military officers, three academics, two businessmen, a police officer, and an international development specialist.

Each year as the Dec. 1 deadline approaches, the program receives as many as 20,000 telephone requests for brochures and applications.