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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 28, 1994
                            JUSTICE INSTITUTE

President Clinton announced today his intention to nominate Joseph F. Baca, Robert N. Baldwin, Jennifer Hauge, Florence K. Murray, and William M. Paparian as members of the State Justice Institute.

     JOSEPH F. BACA, of New Mexico, is a Justice on the
     New Mexico Supreme Court.  He was elected in 1989 
     to an eight-year term.  Earlier in his career, he 
     was appointed as a District Judge by Governor 
     Bruce King. 
     ROBERT N. BALDWIN, of Virginia, is a State Court 
     Administrator of the Supreme Court of Virginia.  
     He is the Director and Vice-Chairman of the 
     National Center for State Courts and the Past 
     President of the National Conference of State 
     Court Administrators. 
     JENNIFER HAUGE, of New Jersey, is an attorney 
     representing several nonprofit Corporations. Ms. 
     Hauge is also a member of the Board of Directors 
     of the Madison Area YMCA. 
     FLORENCE K. MURRAY, of Rhode Island, is an 
     Associate Justice on the Rhode Island Supreme 
     Court.  She was previously elected to serve four 
     terms in the Rhode Island Senate. 

     WILLIAM M. PAPARIAN, of California, maintains his 
     own law practice and is a City Council Member of 
     Pasadena.  He is also involved in numerous  
     Armenian-American associations. 

The State Justice Institute is a private, non- profit corporation established by Congress in 1984 for the purpose of providing financial support to projects designed to improve the administration and quality of justice in state courts. The State Justice Institute arose from the difficulty experienced by state courts in securing adequate funding from the Federal anti- crime grant program administered by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) during the 1970's.