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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 22, 1994

Statement by the President

For over a year, Congress and others have worked to pass a tough, smart crime bill. I am very grateful to Chairmen Jack Brooks and Joe Biden for their leadership throughout the crime bill debate, and I am heartened to know that the House-Senate Conference will convene next Tuesday to begin its final work on the proposal.

We have put together a tough and serious legislative remedy to reduce violence and prevent crime. But until a bill is passed by Congress and signed into law, our work is not finished. I am confident that committee members will act quickly on the conference and that we will see a final bill passed.

The American people have asked us to help in our nation's fight to curb the problem of violence and crime. We can meet this common goal by putting aside differences and partisanship. By working together, we will enact an historic crime law before the end of this legislative session. The American people demand and deserve no less.