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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 7, 1994
                            OF COLORADO AND GEORGIA

President Clinton today called Governor Roy Roemer of Colorado and Governor Zell Miller of Georgia to express his concern for the loss of life and damages caused by fires and floods.

In his call to Governor Roemer, the President said the firefighters who died were very brave and courageous and he asked that his condolences be extended to their families. In addition, he pledged to monitor the situation. Governor Roemer was at a fire site in Colorado.

Governor Zell Miller talked to President Clinton as he was touring flood damage in Butler, Georgia. President Clinton expressed his concern for the families and businesses affected by the floods and told Governor Miller that he expected to sign Georgia's disaster declaration by the end of the day.

Governor Miller was accompanied by Federal Emergency Management Director James Lee Witt, Senators Sam Nunn and Paul Coverdell and Congressman Sanford Bishop.

Both calls took place from Air Force One while the President was en route to Naples from Warsaw.