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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 30, 1994

Statement by Lloyd Cutler, Special Counsel to the President

The Independent Counsel's report establishes conclusively that Vincent Foster committed suicide in Fort Marcy Park, just as the Park Police reported at the time. This should put to rest the irresponsible speculations -- many of them politically motivated--that something more sinister occurred. We hope these rumormongers and the media that published their rumors will now leave the Foster family in peace.

We are gratified by the Independent Counsel's conclusion that the so-called Whitewater events were not involved in the depression that led to Mr. Foster's suicide.

We are also pleased by the Independent Counsel's conclusion that no indictments will be sought relating to the so-called White House-Treasury contacts. While some of these contacts may have been inadvisable in hindsight, they violated no law.

Finally, we will cooperate fully in the Independent Counsel's continuing inquiry into handling of the documents in Mr. Foster's office after his suicide. We look forward to a prompt and appropriate resolution of this matter as well.