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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 30, 1994


I would like to commend the Environmental Protection Agency for its decision to make renewable fuels a major ingredient in reformulated gasoline under requirements of the Clean Air Act. Today, we are making good on a long-standing commitment to a cleaner environment and a stronger economy. This decision offers tremendous potential to provide the U.S. with thousands of new jobs for the future.

The use of reformulated gasoline will help to improve the quality of the air in the nation's dirtiest cities. Furthermore, a greater use of ethanol and its derivatives could help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I especially support the use of ETBE, a fuel derived from ethanol, because of its special environmental promise.

Relying on renewable fuels also presents a major opportunity to farmers and other members of rural communities to get to work helping America. The rule could boost demand for corn by 250 million bushels a year.

Again, I commend EPA on this important decision to use renewable fuels to help achieve the objectives of the Clean Air Act. I believe our economy and our environment can go hand in hand. This policy is good for our environment, our public health, and our nation's farmers --- and that's good for America.