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TUESDAY, June 28, 1994

               House of Representatives Approval of
                  Telecommunications Legislation

President Clinton and I congratulate Representatives Dingell, Brooks, Markey, and Fields for today's overwhelming passage of their groundbreaking telecommunications reform legislation by the House of Representatives. The legislation is an important step toward the creation of a National Information Infrastructure that will strengthen our economy, create jobs, improve health care, and expand educational opportunities for all Americans.

Through their initiative and diligent efforts, Representatives Dingell, Brooks, Markey, and Fields have helped to usher in a new era of advanced communications. Their legislation eliminates outmoded restrictions while maintaining regulatory flexibility. It opens telecommunications markets to more competition while safeguarding and protecting the public interest. It promotes investment in new communications and information services, bringing better services at lower prices to consumers. And it enables our nation to remain a world leader in the telecommunications and information revolution.

This Administration applauds the overwhelming victory of these important bills, and we look forward to working with Senators Hollings, Inouye, Danforth and other members of the Senate to secure final passage of the telecommunications reform legislation.